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An overview of all that I do.
Thinking of having me do a mural?

Great! The process is super easy and you will know exactly what it's going to cost before you decide to do anything.  Give me a call and we can set up a time for me to come to your home and look at the room you want to have done. We can brainstorm some ideas and then I can tell you what it will cost. From that point we set the day to have it done and I come draw the design on the wall and paint.  Usually done within hours (not days!) So if you are thinking about surprising someone it can be done!

How about some custom ARTWORK?

This is also very easy, and can work about the same way as the murals. Accept I provide some sketched ideas on paper and discuss colors size and styles you like. From that point I can give you a price. 

Glass Blocks

Great gift for new baby, wedding, graduation, or Anniversay. These cost $45.00 and if you live in Omaha, NE they can be picked up at my home or delivered in town for $8. Shipping is $15 to ship in the US. Send me a email for your order and l will bill you through paypal.  These ship with a card with your message included.

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